Layaway Plan

I offer a 90-day layaway plan.

When an item is put on layaway, 10% of the item's value must be paid.

A payment must be made at least every 30 days and the balance paid within 90 days.

I will not be responsible for reminding you to make a payment. If you make a payment every 30 days, then I will know that you are still serious about the purchase.

If you have an item on layaway and change your mind about purchasing it, all money paid will be refunded except the initial 10%.

If the balance of an item is not paid within the 90 days, the item will go back on the page unless other arrangements have been made with me prior to the deadline. All monies paid will be refunded except the 10% if you contact me.

To avoid wasting your time and mine, please put an item on layaway only if you are serious about purchasing it.